Pavla Scerankova


We are happy to share the sculpture made by Pavla Sceranková, The Constellation of the Passenger, as a winning design in a competition over the course of two years of hard work.
You can find the sculpture at the following address: 1737, Pikrtova 1a, 140 00 Prague.


Ulteriori Notizie

Evgeny Antufiev

We’re pleased to share that Evgeny Antufiev will be among the selected artists for the group show Ceramics Now. 60° Faenza Prize Special Edition. I grandi artisti della Ceramica Contemporanea.

Evgeny Antufiev & Alessandro Roma

We’re pleased to share that Evgeny Antufiev and Alessandro Roma will join the group show About a vase. Archetipo ceramico nell’arte contemporanea, curated by Matteo Zauli for Fondazione Museo della Ceramica in Montelupo Fiorentino (Florence).

Alessandro Roma
Alessandro Roma

We’re thrilled to share that Alessandro Roma will join the group exhibition Hardest Hue to Hold, curated by Aindrea Emelife. The exhibition opens on…