San Lorenzo: Giovanni de Cataldo

San Lorenzo
Text by Cecilia Canziani 

February 10 > May 17, 2018

z2o Sara Zanin Gallery is pleased to present the first solo show by Giovanni de Cataldo (Roma, 1990), a young artist who has his studio in Pastificio Cerere’s spaces. A few days ago along a highway I drive nearly once a week, I took closer notice of the enormous scaffolding that has been propping up a viaduct for months now, suspended there in the void. Dimly lit in the morning fog, I thought of fishnets hung out over the sea, crenellated towers, freestanding structures busy with road workers. Magical. I thought this might be the same stretch of road Giovanni takes when he goes to get the guardrails he uses in his sculptures from a test track where automobile safety devices are developed. Giovanni described the place to me one day in his San Lorenzo studio: the testing is done on a circuit lost in the countryside, and what struck me most was his description of this vaguely ancient silence and how it was shattered regularly by the sound of cars sent crashing into guardrails at high speed. My impression was perhaps deepened by the motley assortment of materials Giovanni has assembled in his studio: metal rails, chunks of steel, fabrics, even an iron. It’s clear that a large part of his work consists in silently mending.

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