MIART 2019: Established Contemporary | Hall 3, Booth B22

After the site specific project “When Art became part of the Landscape. Chapter I” realized at Museo Archeologico A. Salinas in Palermo as a Collateral Event of Manifesta 12, z2o Sara Zanin Gallery is pleased to present at Miart 2019 a stand with a solo show by Evgeny Antufiev, specifically conceived for the fair.


Antufiev is a passionate researcher of archaeology and he stayed in Italy several times to deepen his technical knowledge about ancient art. In 2017, during his artistic residency in Faenza at Museo Carlo Zauli he produced a rich series of new ceramics by experiencing a long-term tradition; multifaceted artist, beside the ceramic production, he deepens also the techniques of bronze casting and wooden sculptures. 
Antufiev, by using iconographies and processes related to archaeology, realizes site specific projects in which he researches a fruitful dialogue between contemporaneity and antiquity. The interest of the artist is to construct a collective memory where places and their complex identities arise in a changeable existential and temporal continuum
The aim of the project presented by z2o Sara Zanin Gallery is therefore to recreate, inside the Fair, a peculiar display through which is possible to trace the dialogue created by Evgeny Antufiev’s works, superimposing the heterogeneity of semantic and expressive levels that characterize the works of this artist.