Giovanni de Cataldo

Voyage / Voyage, curated by Porter Ducrist

We are delighted to share that Giovanni de Cataldo will be among the selected artists of the group show “Voyage / Voyage”, curated by Porter Ducrist at Spazio In Situ, opening on Saturday, June 26 from 11 to 9 pm in Via San Biagio Platani 7 (Rome).

Voyage / Voyage
Arrived at the ending of this season that we could define as eventful, Spazio In Situ decides to make the artists from the Italian and roman scene and artists of the international scene, dialogue each other.  
Through a selection of artworks that focus on travel, the curator P. Ducrist has built an exhibition path to tell his concept of contemporary art aesthetics, where emerge concretely, the wrecks of concepts developed by the romantic movement.
Thus, there's no better place than Rome, the leading city of the Grand Tour, as the destination to receive and catalyze this thought.
In this context, the chosen place adds to Voyage/Voyage a primordial interpretation, that obliges the public to think about the contemporary transposition of turism, with its massification and, in the actual circumstances, with its complete nullification.
Travel is the starting point of thought that the curator proposes to the public of the artist-run space of Tor Bella Monaca, to focus on the several problems of contemporary art.
From the action of traveling to the one of moving, bringing back the spectator to his everyday life,  scattering and redundant fragments of the treated theme, and finding a winking to the classical subject of the history of art.
Ultimately, the exhibition doesn't aim to take a specific and univocal position, contrariwise it tries to open new tracks that are referred to the concept and its shapes, putting on the foreground the complexity of this theme, to show to the roman public a broad and heteroclite vision.
When one starts a journey, there is always a departure and an arrival point, but it is in the middle that we write a tale, with the important stops, chance encounters, not to mention the importance of the means of transport. When we decide to leave, consequently we embark on a journey, a story that Voyage/ Voyage decides to tell you.

Bertille Bak / Simone Cametti / Giovanni De Cataldo / Luca Grimaldi / Pierluigi Fabrizio /
Martin Jakob / Daniel Ruggiero / Thomas Wattebled
Curated by Porter Ducrist
June 26 > October 16
Opening on 26th of June, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Spazio In Situ
Via San Biagio Platani 7 00133 Roma

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21 June 2021
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