Michele Guido

We’re happy to share the exhibition MYTHOLOGIES curated by Roberto Lacarbonara at Palazzo Palmieri as a collateral exhibition at PhEST…

Beatrice Pediconi

We are thrilled to share that Beatrice Pediconi will participate at the group exhibition A Preview to Desolation, curated by…

Giovanni de Cataldo

We are happy to share that Giovanni de Cataldo will participate at the project “Straperetana”. Opening: June 15th Location: Pereto…

bettineschi palatino
Mariella Bettineschi

We are happy to share that Mariella Bettineschi will participate at the exhibition “Collezione Tullio Leggeri – Da Duchamp a…

Vasten auringon siltaa, 2017, kuva P Kammonen
Kaarina Kaikkonen

We are happy to share the new environmental installation by Kaarina Kaikkonen, Alle porte del sole.

Michele Guido

We are happy to share the video installation Pulsar by Michele Guido, realized for the art and music review “Meteorite…

Nantesbuch 2017
Kaarina Kaikkonen

We are happy to share the installation by Kaarina Kaikkonen commissioned by Altana Kulturstiftung in Nantesbuch. More info: www.altana-kulturstiftung.com/service/about-us/  http://stiftung-nantesbuch.de/

Evgeny Antufiev

we are very happy to share that from its reopening on April 28, 2017, the Museum of Modern Art Antwerp…

Evgeny Antufiev

  Evgeny Antufiev @ PHILIPPS auction house, London Provenance Private Collection The work has been exhibited in London at Whitechapel Gallery, CABARET…