Silvia Camporesi | SIFR LA DISTANZA CANONICA : curated by Valentina Ciarallo

SIFR - la distanza canonica 
curated by Valentina Ciarallo

December 7, 2010 > January 13, 2011 

z2o Sara Zanin Gallery is glad to present the first personal exhibition of the artist Silvia Camporesi.
The project entitled Sifr – La distanza canonica (Sifr – The Canonical Distance) is the third part of a long-term work which analyzes the relationship between the body and spirit, a constant theme in her artistic research.
After Dance dance dance-la nuotatrice and Secondo vento-la karateka, the artist dedicated Sifr – Arabic for ‘zero’- as the empty set necessary for something to begin – to the sport of racing. A personal reflection of how we can get to a spiritual evolution starting from the body and the physical effort.
The exhibition is structured around a video in which the artist has to face a physical and mental process testing the emotions of one’s being. The race and the hard work it entails; the moments of weakness and exaltation of the one who tests it; the race as a value and survival strategy; the race sufficient with a gap of a few /Split Second – gives our existence an entirely different course; the race here represents a kind of purification and regeneration through the elimination of toxins.