We are happy to announce that Beatrice Pediconi is among the finalists of the thirteenth edition of the COMBAT PRIZE AWARD. 
From September 17 to October 8, 2022 at the GIOVANNI FATTORI CIVIC MUSEUM ex GRANAI of VILLA MIMBELLI and various institutional offices.

" Untitled small # 3, 2020 is part of a large body of work that reflects on the concepts of loss and transformation through a process that involves the destruction, separation, and recovery of photographic matter.

The process I used to create Untitled begins with the destruction of my early Polaroid works by cutting them into different shapes and narrow strips. The resulting images are subtle threads on blank paper, made of photographic emulsion removed from its original photo support. Recycling a material that is used for instant – print processes to create drawings on watercolor paper is an operation that interrogates humans ’adaptability in relation to transforming trauma and addresses the impossibility of imposing limits on expression.

Photography is pivotal to this process — from its traditional practice to its conceptual aspects and its various means of experimentation that goes far beyond alternative processes. Untitled meet on the border between photography and drawing, evading precise definitions and categorical barriers. Through its minimal and slippery language, Untitled questions the concepts of divisions and absences as well as transitions and limits".


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18 July 2022
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