Beatrice Pediconi

Finalist Arteam Cup 2022
We are delighted to share that Beatrice Pediconi has been selected as a finalist for the 2022 ARTEAM CUP contemporary art prize with Nude #26, 2021.

The exhibition, curated by Livia Savorelli and Matteo Galbiati, with the patronize of Comune di Savona, will be on view from November 26th, 2022 to January 7th 2023 at Palazzo del Commissario, Fortezza del Priamar, Savona, Italy.

Nude reflects the concept of loss and transformation through a process involving water and the destruction, separation and recovery of photographic matter. This work is realized through an unconventional process that combines the gestural element of drawing with recycled photo based material by using Polaroid emulsion as an instrument to mark paper. In that sense Nude is about leaving marks that serve as a proof of our existence.
10 November 2022
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