Marta Roberti, Silvia Camporesi | Ipercorpo :: InPresenza (dates to be confirmed)

19th International Festival of Live Arts
All scheduled events are officially canceled due to the severe flooding that devastated the Emilia-Romagna region in recent days. The new dates of Ipercorpo :: InPresenza will be announced as soon as possible and the ticketing service will inform buyers by email on how to refund purchased tickets.
The Ipercorpo organization remains available for information and clarification at the following contacts: | +39 320 8019226
z2o Sara Zanin is happy to announce the participation of Marta Roberti and Silvia Camporesi to the  19th International Festival of Live Arts, Ipercorpo :: InPresenza, from May 25 to 28, with a preview evening on May 17 together with Meet The Docs! Forlì Film Fest, in the renovated spaces of EXATR and at the Forlivese Arena. 
This year the theme is InPresenza, it indicates the need for an increasingly deep and, above all, exquisitely physical involvement between the audience, the artists and the works.
The ART section curated by Davide Ferri in collaboration with Miral Rivalta will be titled Presentarsi all’appuntamento and will offer a series of encounters with visual artists and works, which on the last day of the festival will form a single exhibition. The presentations will take place in pre-evening hours at the Forlivese Arena and EXATR, and the invited artists are Victor Fotso Nyie (May 26) with a series of heads that result from the assemblage of heterogeneous elements; Matteo Fato (May 26), with works that "confront" the viewer like the painted subjects (tigers in the moment before an attack), transforming themselves into "lurking images." Marta Roberti (May 27), whose installations represent the threshold at which darkness becomes the image, fragile and vibratile, of animal figures appearing among vegetal elements; Francesco Bendini (May 28), whose work will unfold on the floor and will be composed of small porcelain agglomerates, chunks of chewed and fired raw clay, remains of bodies.
Art and work will be discussed at Palazzo Romagnoli, home of Forlì's Verzocchi Collection (a full-bodied collection of 20th-century works) where artists Silvia Camporesi, Matteo Fato and Franco Guerzoni will be invited to lead a special guided tour on Sunday, May 28, during which they will tell the public about a work of their choice from the collection. Three videos will be made of these narratives, which will be added to the gallery of voices already on the website created by Città di Ebla in collaboration with the City of Forli.
Ipercorpo is a project of City of Ebla | With the contribution of: MIC - Ministry of Culture, Emilia-Romagna Region, Municipality of Forlì, Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì | For 18 years together with: Poderi dal Nespoli | With the support of: Maxisald | In collaboration with: Diagonal Loft Club, Meet the Docs! Forlì Film Fest, Altre Velocità, Romagna Acque - Società delle Fonti, BeInternational, University of Catania | In network with: EXATR, Spazi Indecisi, Masque teatro/Crisalide Festival, Forlì.Soglie
Ipercorpo is part of the Italian network Europe Beyond Access 2021-2023


EXATR | via Ugo Bassi, 16 - Forlì

Forlivese Arena | entrance from EXATR

General Direction: Claudio Angelini

Theater, Dance and Contemporary Circus curated by: Mara Serina, Valentina Bravetti, Claudio Angelini

Music curated by: Davide Fabbri, Elisa Gandini

Contemporary Art curated by: Davide Ferri with the collaboration of: Miral Rivalta

International Masterclass Scena Europa curated by: Mara Serina - iagostudio

International Masterclass Scena Europa curated by: Mara Serina - iagostudio




Opening Festival: POSTPONED; dates to be confirmed


Phone: 320.80.19.226



National: Sara Zolla | | Tel. 346 8457982

Local: Alberto Marchesani | | Tel. 348 7646934

26 April 2023
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