Beatrice Pediconi

Macrocosm, double solo show with Yasuko Oki curated by Barbara Luisi

Microcosm is a photography exhibition featuring the works of internationally recognized art photographers Beatrice Pediconi and Yasuko Oki. It is curated by fine arts photographer Barbara Luisi, whose work has previously been featured in Quick Center exhibitions. Italian artist Pediconi, an architect by training, is drawn to the gravity-defying world of water. Her practice consists of “painting” on the surface of water and then capturing the quickly changing images photographically. Oki is a Japanese pinhole photographer who captures wonderful sights that can't be seen through normal vision. Her technique is to use her pinhole camera to look at something through a clear bottle of water. A gallery talk was presented by Pediconi and Luisi.

Title: Microcosm | double solo show with Yasuko Oki curated by Barbara Luisi
Location: Regina A.  Quick Art Center for the Arts, St Bonaventure University, New York, US
Dates: August 24th to November 24th, 2019


24 August 2019
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