Non Giudicare

Silvia Camporesi

Non Giudicare

from 11 September to 11 October 2020
Bagnacavallo, Ex Convento di San Francesco


At the monumental Convent of San Francesco, on Saturday 11 September 2020 the exhibition "NON GIUDICARE" (DO NOT JUDGE) will open, promoted by the Municipality of Bagnacavallo for the Festa di San Michele 2020 (from 25 to 29 September) and organised by the MAGMA collective as part of "San Michele OFF".
The project, curated by Viola Emaldi, aims to celebrate the traditional devotion to the Archangel Michael, patron saint of the city of Bagnacavallo and object of a widespread cult, and to investigate the relevance of this figure as a symbol of Judgement through contemporary art.


Michael, the one who is like God, the one who is just, teaches to seek the balance between the scales of good and evil. He is depicted armed in the act of crushing the devil's head to keep him under control because the dark side is always present but must be dominated. That of NOT JUDGING is the most difficult but important practice for a deeper knowledge of oneself. In this sense today art is a precious example because artists have the ability to question the way they see themselves and consequently, the world.


The exhibition begins with a sort of Wunderkammer of sacred and profane works of art from local museums, institutions and private collections. The selection is composed of paintings, sculptures, engravings, drawings, prints, books, playing cards, popular cult objects that tell the iconographic and symbolic evolution of the image of the Archangel.
From here starts the main reflection of the exhibition on the idea of Judgement, on the duality good / evil, entrusted to contemporary art. 14 artists strongly linked to the territory of Romagna, for birth or life reasons, have been invited to participate by exhibiting their works accompanied by a short audio track, a guide to the reading of the work.

9 September 2020
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