Nazzarena Poli Maramotti

Perché siamo come tronchi nella neve, Associazione Praevenus

From 17 to 30 June (with inauguration by invitation on Wednesday 16) the Humanitarian Society of Milan (via Francesco Daverio 7) will host the exhibition "Perchè siamo come tronchi nella neve", curated by Luca Zuccala and Andrea Tinterri, with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, which will present the works of twenty-one artists - Luisa Badino, Irene Balia, Elisa Bertaglia, Chiara Calore, Anna Capolupo, Linda Carrara, Sabrina Casadei, Barbara De Vivi, Chiara Enzo, Alice Faloretti, Beatrice Gelmetti, Silvia Giordani, Beatrice Meoni, Elisa Muliere, Marta Naturale, Greta Pllana, Nazzarena Poli Maramotti, Vera Portatadino, Adelisa Selimbasic, Chiara Sorgato, Sophie Westerlind.

The artists involved were asked to work on the size of the shelter, as a form of protection and safety. A broad theme, open to biographical, news, literary and philosophical solicitations. The refuge is also the space in which to think about change, about a revolution in progress, about an impetus, about an action. The refuge is a space of possibility, of thought.


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4 June 2021
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