Hidetoshi Nagasawa - MAXXI L'Aquila

Il compasso di Archimede

We are delighted to share that Hidetoshi Nagasawa's Il compasso di Archimede (1991) will be on display in the court of MAXXI L'Aquila from March 12 to June 12, 2022.

The tension featured in Compasso di Archimede illustrates the very concept of a pathway. It is a tension that implies constant movement from a starting point to an end point. The forces at play in the three iron pieces that make up the sculpture come together at  a cage in the center, and the balance that is created is reminiscent of  the artist’s journey, bringing together different worlds and cultures, from  East to West.


Hidetoshi Nagasawa - Il compasso di Archimede
Special guest
March 12 > June 12, 2022
MAXXI L'Aquila - Piazza Santa Maria Paganica, 15 67100 L’Aquila AQ

More info at https://maxxilaquila.art/evento/hidetoshi-nagasawa/

9 March 2022
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