KAARINA KAIKKONEN | Threads of Memory

We are happy to share the partecipation of Kaarina Kaikkone in the new exhibition "Threads of Memory".


This exhibition celebrates an open curatorship developed instinctively amidst a variegated array of practices, practitioners and cultural backgrounds, thanks to a collaboration between Numeroventi's Spring Residency program, Shaindi Art Collection and Labirinto. Led by Beatrice Galluzzo (Numeroventi) and Mario Vitor Marques (Labirinto), the show benefits from the whole venue, and gathers 28 works displayed in 6 different areas, from the cellars to the upper foors. Coming from different generations, geographies and communities, 14 artists engage in a dialogue with each other and with Florence, thanks to a building whose nature perfectly reflects the city itself.


Born in 2016 as a contemporary renaissance residency in Florence, Numeroventi aims at providing an experience that activates artistic procedures, by connecting people and creating space to discover new prisms of their practice. Conceived as a non-profit reality “in-between”, it focuses on supporting artists and designers in their production process.

Shaindl Art is an international contemporary art collection with pieces located in Rio
de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Florence. Started in the early 2000s by Brazilian entrepreneur Sabina Bochner Matz, the collection was built up through time by spontaneous interactions amongst artists, collectives and curators. The collection aims at supporting new productions and stimulating active and creative people in a dynamic art ecosystem, by resonating with the creative investigations of our time.

Labirinto is a network of artists, researchers, collectors and knowledge-driven fellows. Within this ecossystem of creative minds, since 2020 the platform exists to connect and generate different interactions between real people, artworks, digital media and technology

Opening vernissage: Tuesday, April 26th 16.00-19.00
The exhibition will be open until May 19th, Thursday to Saturday, from 11–17
Numeroventi | Artist Residency & Boutique Hotel, Via dei Pandolfini 20 – Florence, Ital

21 April 2022
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