L'Era successiva - The next Era

Mariella Bettineschi
Mariella Bettineschi, 2019
Publisher: Electa-Mondadori.

Pages: 110

L’era successiva/The next era, edited by Electa-Mondadori, presents a series of works conceived by Mariella Bettineschi in 2008 and still a work in progress: images of NatureLibrariesPortraits, digitally processed by the artist, become a signal of a dramatic epochal change that is taking place in the environment, in culture and in the female condition. The Portraits (great icons of European art, works by artists such as Caravaggio, Raffaello, Leonardo, Tiziano) are removed from their time and brought to the contemporary world through the choice of a detail, the cancellation of the background, the cut and the split eyes. These “very famous anonymous” women, objects for the gaze of the painters who painted them, through a feminist gesture, are returned to their condition as subjects.


L’era successiva/The next era, 2019
with critic texts by G. Di Pietrantonio, P. Ugolini, A. Fattori Franchini


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