9’/ Unlimited

Beatrice Pediconi
Beatrice Pediconi, 2013
Publisher: Danilo Montanari Editore.

Dimensions: 15,5 x 12, 3 cm

This artist’s book, which has been designed by Beatrice Pediconi for her exhibition at Collezione Maramotti, looks like a real object: a polaroid-size box recalling one of the artist’s preferred media. The box/cover stores inside a series of leporello folders reproducing the Polaroid shots and a selection of frames from the video 9’/ Unlimited.
The artist’s book also includes a haiku composition by Japanese poet Momoko Kuroda, a mysterious chemical formula by Anglo-American researcher Andrew Lerwill and a music score by composer Lucio Gregoretti, the outcome of their fruitful collaboration with the artist and their free and personal interpretation of some essential components of Beatrice Pediconi’s project, mutually knit together and interlocked: the haiku for the original idea of the project; the chemical formula for the processing experimentation of materials in water, and the musical composition as a potential sound score on the visual rhythm of the video.


Limited edition of 500 copies, 50 signed by the artist

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