Giovanni Kronenberg

curated by Alessandro Rabottini

Italian / English
176 pages
Softcover, 17 × 24 cm

Edited by Alessandro Rabottini
Texts by Alessandro Rabottini, Davide Ferri, and Simone Menegoi, and a conversation between Giovanni Kronenberg and Pavel S. Pyś

Giovanni Kronenberg’s sculptures, drawings, and spatial interventions insert brief formal interruptions between natural objects and artifacts of human material culture. A rock crystal and a black pearl, a glass bell jar and a mouflon skin, an ancient olive press, a rough sea sponge, crafted malachite, elk antlers: all of these and more number among the evocative, and sometimes rare and precious, objects that the artist collects and then transforms. Some alterations are simple and light, others are more complex, and together their ambiguous and slippery taxonomies call to mind a Wunderkammer. Kronenberg’s characteristic “combinatorial grammar” offers a key to his drawings as well. The structure of this publication, curated by Alessandro Rabottini, follows a methodology based on suspension and distribution of things in space and time. The volume includes in-depth critical essays by Rabottini himself, Davide Ferri, and Simone Menegoi, and a conversation between the artist and Pavel S. Pyś.

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