Atlas Italiae

Silvia Camporesi
Silvia Camporesi, 2015
Publisher: Peliti Associati.

Dimensions: 28.6 x 22 cm

Pages: 120 pages, 112 photographs

During a year and a half, Silvia Camporesi has explored Italy in search of abandoned countries and buildings. Atlas Italiae (publisher Peliti Associati) is the result of this collection of images, an ideal map of Italy that is fading away.  In the artist's images, the veil of anonymity and visual silence opens, revealing the soul of places frozen in the mists of general amnesia. Here Silvia Camporesi's gaze goes beyond the pure recording of a context; she is aimed both at grasping the silent tension of an Italy which is going to disappear and at revealing for the first time liminal, unexpressed qualities, bearers of mystery and enchantment.


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