Artefiera 2018: Beatrice Pediconi

1 - 5 February 2018 
Hall 25, Booth B10

On the occasione of Artefiera 2018, z2o Sara Zanin Gallery is pleased to present a site-specific installation by Beatrice Pediconi, from her "Gaea" project, consisting of a series of unique 8x10 inches polaroids together with lightboxes. 

"The Gaea project is a result of my recent travels to New Orleans, where water is both nature’s nourishment and a potential source of destruction, in other words, birth and death. This double aspect is always present in the minds and hearts of those who have lived through hurricane Katrina, and haunts their ongoing relationship to this fragile coastline. Gaea presents a series of unique 8x10 inch trasparency recording oil painting on water. As in other previous works, my research recreates a physical environment in the microcosm of the watertank with unpredictable results as they unfold naturally" (Beatrice Pediconi).