Miart 2018: Giovanni de Cataldo, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Krištof Kintera, Giovanni Kronenberg, Richard Wiesner

12 - 15 April 2018 
Hall 3 | Booth D28

z2o Sara Zanin Gallery offers for Miart 2018 a stand composed of artworks by artists who work with recovered materials or found objects of various types:

Krištof Kintera (microchips and reused materials), Richard Wiesner (objects of people who are no longer there), Kaarina Kaikkonen (used jackets and clothes) Giovanni Kronenberg (collectibles), Giovanni de Cataldo (found objects collected from the urban lansdcape).
Artists who through their intervention transform the object into an existential alchemy in which the work takes on the most varied connotations.
Starting from the speculative concept of "quasi-object", originally conceived by the French philosopher Michel Serres, the chosen works are united by the attempt to radically define the relationship between the subject and the object.