Artissima 2016: Evgeny Antufiev, Giovanni Kronenberg, Alessandro Roma

3 - 6 November 2016 
Lilac | Booth 15

z2o Sara Zanin Gallery presents for Artissima 2016 a booth displaying works striking a dialogue with space, where three-dimensionality is meant as a multidisciplinary research and experimentation field. The artists on display are Evgeny Antufiev, Giovanni Kronenberg and Alessandro Roma, who collaborate directly with the gallery.

The artists entrust the object and the matter, either processed or changed, out-placed or broken out, with the capability of estranging from time and translating them into signs, tale and testimony of an unknown and evocative life which is being presented within an indeterminate flow. Through interventions which at times are minimal, objects and shapes are freed from their individual time-spatial context in order to attract our perception with evocative, alchemic, poetic or shocking suggestions.

The creative process in the works by Antufiev, Kronenberg and Roma always takes into consideration the ongoing interaction with Nature which is obviously and inevitably filtered through our cultural background, also as a counterpoint. The artists explore and question the search for a more or less consistent trace of the rules governing this relationship and the possibility of transposing them into our visual models. The fil rouge linking the research by Antufiev, Kronenberg and Roma consists in making the energy issuing from the organic and the non-organic and between Nature and Culture emerge outright, in the attempt to give them a possible shape.