Kaarina Kaikkonen (Iisalmi, 1952) lives and works in Helsinki.



Kaarina Kaikkonen, solo show at z2o Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Kunsten Museum for Art Aalborg, Aalborg, Denmark

We Are Still The Same, SALT Art Center, Oslo, Norway

From The Bottom Of My Heart, Uppsala Art Museum, Sweden

You Remain In Me,KUNSTEN Museum for Modern Art, Aalborg, Denmark

If I had Wings, Elevator of Marolles, Brussels, Belgium

Close To The Heart, ANNA3, Antwerpen, Belgium

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen, Caen, France
Kaarina Kaikkonen, Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala, Sweden
Kaarina Kaikkonen, Forsblom Gallery, Helsinki, Finland


Falling light, Blooming Spirit, Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland

Kaarina Kaikkonen, We Share a Dream, Buffalo International Airport, USA
Kaarina Kaikkonen´s installation “A Waltz to Life”, Didrichsen Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland
Kaarina Kaikkonen, z2o Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Turku, Finland
Crossing Borders, Prato Contemporanea, City Prato and Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy  
Whereabouts, Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland
Tocando el cielo, CentroCentro Cibeles de Cultura y Ciudadanìa, Madrid, Spain

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Museum of Memory and Human Rights, Santiago (RCH)
Kaarina Kaikkonen, The Chilean National Museum for Fine Arts, Santiago (RCH)

Towards Tomorrow, site specific installation, MAXXI Fondation, Rome
Are we still going on?,site specific installation, Collection Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Having Hope, z2o Galleria | Sara Zanin, Rome
As A Tree I Can Feel the Wind, Special project, Art Miami, Florida, USA 

Life Paths, Forsblom Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
I Would Have Wanted to Blossom Out, Forsblom Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Nurmijärvi Library, Nurmijärvi, Finland

Networking, curated by Julia Draganovic, site-specific installation in Piazza de' Calderini, Bologna (IT), realized for Bologna Art First 2010 Here and Now, Italy

From Generation to Generation curated by Laura Barreca, z2o Galleria | Sara Zanin, Rome

From Generation to Generation curated by Laura Barreca, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome

Kaarina Kaikkonen: Linjanmuutoksia - TR1 Exhibition centre / Taiderakennus TR1, Tampere, Finland

Kaarina Kaikkonen - Oulo Taidemuseo - Oulu City Art Museum, Oulu City, Finland

Changes of Directions, Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art, Tampere, Finland

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Örebro Konsthall, Örebro, Sweden

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Korjaamo Culture Factory, Helsinki, Finland

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Forsblom Projects, Helsinki, Finland

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Konsthallen Trollhättan, Trollhättan, Sweden

Kaarina Kaikkonen, l´Espal, Le Mans, France

Kaarina Kaikkonen,Norrtälje Konsthall , Norrtälje, Sweden

Inner Borders, The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Institut finlandais, Paris, France

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Galleria Pictor, Vihti, Sweden

And It Was Empty, University Wyoming Art Museum, Laramie, Wyoming, USA

Across the Deep, Bass Museum of Art, Miami, Florida, USA

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Jyväskylä Art Museum, Jyväskylä, Sweden

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Reaching Far, Rochester Cathedral, UK

The Presence of Absence, Remy Toledo Gallery, New York, USA      

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Helsinki Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Finland

Queen of Night, Gallery Artina, Sweden

And It Was Empty, Galleri Stefan Andersson, Umeå, Sweden

Birds, Gallery Orton, Helsinki, Finland

It Was Empty, Omniart, Art Basel-Miami, Miami, USA
A Path, Umedalen Skulptur, Umeå, Sweden
In the Darkness, Den Haag Sculptuur, Den Haag, Netherlands

Too Far from Home, Gallery 21, Malmö, Sweden

Beyond Reach, Fabrica, Brighton, UK

Like a Bird of Passage, Gallery Artina, Helsinki, Finland

Wohin, Rastatt Schloss, Rastatt, Germany

From Generation to Generation, Gallery Artina, Helsinki, Finland

And the Wind Blows Over You, Helsinki Kunsthalle, Studio, Helsinki, Finland

Way, Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Mikkeli Art Museum, Mikkeli, Finland

And the Wind Blows Over You, Kuopio Art Museum, Kuopio, Finland


Non-Sculpture: Light or Flexible, Changwon Biennale, South Korea
Sharing Our Dreaming Room, z2o Sara Zanin, Rome

Traces, curated by Marina Dacci, Medieval Civic Museum, Bologna, Italy

Blickhasen 12, Sculpture Biennale, Bad Homburg, Germany
Finnish Wave, Busan Art Museum, Busan, South Korea
Nordic Views, Galleri Bo Bjergaard, Copenaghen, Denmark
Itsenaisyys, Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala, Sweden
Donne di colore, Torre dei Lambardi, Magione (PG), Italy

Twinner #4 with or without wings, Foro Italico, Roma, Italy

Industriale Immaginario, Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy
We Are the Boat, USE-Europa, Gare de l´Est, Paris, France
Nordic Cool, Kennedy Center, Washington, USA

A Connection, USE -Europa, Pharos Arts Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus           
Memory – International Contemporary Sculpture, PAN-Palazzo delle Arti, Naples, Italy
Where Is My Home? USE-United States of Europa, Plataforma das  Artes, Guimaraes, Portugal
Collage, Hyvinkää Art Museum, Hyvinkä, Finland
What A Party!  Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Turku, Finland
USE-United States of Europe, International Airport Vilnius, Latvia
USE-United States of Europe, Railway Station Helsinki, Finland
Ekolandia, Lahti Art Museum, Lahti, Finland

A Connection: United States of Europe, a travelling exhibition, FabrySTREFA, Lodz, Poland
Memory: new International sculpture, Rosenfeld Porcini, London, UK
Hiding Memories, Humanscape, Spazio Museale di Palazzo Tornielli, Ameno, Italy
Life Paths (installation with exhibitions by Jacob Hashimoto, Ola Kolehmainen, Ea Vasko, Niko Luoma and Charles Sandison) Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland
The Gate, installation for IL CAOS - Conflitti, Isola San Servolo, side event, 54 Venice Biennial
Is There A Better Future? Critical Mass, International Public Art Project, St. Petersburg, Russia

Hanging onto each other, 6th Liverpool Biennial, Touched, Liverpool, UK
Growing Connection, Vancouver Biennial, in–TRANSIT– ion, Vancouver, Canada
Baltic Biennale II, St. Petersburg, Russia
Borås International Sculpture Festival 2010, Borås, Sweden
The Sixth Borough - Governors Island, No Longer Empty, curated by Manon Slome and Julian Navarro, New York , USA
Kesänäyttely - Kajaanin taidemuseo - Kajaani art museum, Kajaan, Finland
Den Gyldne, Vestjylland Art Museum, Tistrup, Denmark
MEMORY TRACES, Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Finnland, Ludwig Museum im Deutschherrenhaus, Koblenz, Germany
Cosmos - Kunst Centret Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg, Denmark
Etre Ainsi, Espace culturel Boris Vian, Les Ulis, France
Hiding Memories, No Longer Empty, Governors Island, New York, USA
Here and Now, Art First Bologna, Bologna, Italy

No longer empty: The invisibile dog, curated by Manon Slome, Asher-Remy e Julia Draganovic, with Tara de la Garza and Julian Navarra, Brooklyn, New York , USA
Confections, Biennale du Lin, Pontneuf, Québec, Canada
Ei saa peittää, Far ej overtracks, Eskilstuna Art Museum, Eskilstuna, Sweden

My Space, The Palazzo Delle Arti Napoli, Naples

And it was empty, Cairo 11thth Biennial, Cairo

Borås International Sculpture Festiva 2008, Borås (S)

Örebro OpenART 2008, Örebro Konsthall (S)

Pewna (SF)ia BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Wroclaw (PL)

Pewna (SF)ia, Oronsko Sculpture Center, Oronsko (PL)

Hoviart, Anttola (SF)

Barely Legal, Chelsea Galleria, Miami

Pewna (SF)ia, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice (PL)

Box, Gallery Alkovi, Helsinki

OH MY GOD, Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Oslo

Age of the Animal, Ateneum Art Musem, Helsinki

Maco / Ashley Gallery, Mexico

Art Miami / Chelsea Galleria, Miami, Florida (USA)

PalmBeach3 / Remy Toledo Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida (USA)

Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water, Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Niigata (J)

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Niigata (J)
20/20, Chelsea Galleria, Miami, Florida (USA)

Influenced Identity, Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami, Florida (USA) 
Biennale Balticum, Rauma Art Museum, Rauma (SF)

Mänttä Art Festival, Mänttä (SF)

Påskeudstillingen i Tistrup,  Vestjylland Art Museum, Tistrup (DK)

Fogelfrei, Stadt Paradies, Darmstadt (D)

Omniart , Art Basel-Miami,  Miami, Florida (USA)

Une certaine (SF), atelier340muzeum, Bryssel (B)

Den Gyldne, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

Omniart, Art Basel-Miami, Miami, Florida (USA)

Umedalen Skulptur Umeå (S)

Den Haag Sculptuur, The Hague (NL)

Den Gyldne , Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
Postcards from Cuba, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo                
Sound and Fury, Iisalmi Art Hall, Iisalmi (SF)

Departure, 8th Havana Biennial, Cabana Fortaleza, Havana (C)

Loud and proud, Anttolanhovi, Mikkeli (SF)

Night Train, Kiasma Museum for Contemporary Art, Helsinki    

IN & OUT - Kuopio Art Museum, Kuopio (SF)

In Via, Flemish Ministry, Brussel 
Turpahöylä-Metamorphoses in Sculpture,
 Turku Art Museum, Turku (SF)

The Spirit of The Forest, Kunsthalle Helsinki, Helsinki

New Paper Art, Crafts Council, London
Art in Savo - Savo in Art, Lapinlahti Art Museum, Lapinlahti (SF)
MIELI-kuva Mänttä Art Festival, Mänttä (SF)
Premiére, Galerie La Ferronnerie, Paris
Paper+(SF)=Art, Galerie Montcalme, Hull (USA)

Harbourfront Center, Toronto (CA)

Nash Gallery, Minneapolis (USA)

Transitions, Malmö Art Museum, Malmö (S)
Kunsthalle Rostock, Rostock (D)
Qui a plante ces grands arbres?, Galerie La Ferronnerie, Paris
Espace Huit November, Paris
Transformations, Natural History Museum, Helsinki
Paper+(SF)=Art, The Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador (CA)
Triangle Gallery, Calgary (CA)
Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg (USA)

Paper Worlds   Musee de Pully, Lausanne (CH)
Galerie im Werkstatt Laden, Winterthur (CH
Aine Art Museum, Tornio (SF)                                                   
Paper+(SF)=Art, Mingei International Museum, San Diego (USA
Alkumeri, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Turku (SF)
Sky is the Limit Museum for Contemporary Art, Tampere (SF)
Three Women, Lapinlahti Art Museum, Lapinlahti (SF)
La Nature du Papier Salle des Cordeliers, Annonay (F)
Espace Valles,Grenoble (F)

Funf Bildhauerinnen aus Finnland
, Kulturbahnhof Eller, (D)
Paper+(SF)=Art American Craft Museum, New York City
The Chicago Athenaeum at Schaumburg, Chicago (USA)
Paper Worlds, Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma (SF)
Jyväskylä Art Museum, Jyväskylä (SF)

Ireland and Europe,
Iveagh Gardens, Dublin

Echo, Tallinna Art Hall, Tallinn (EST)

Glass and Light, Museum for Contemporary Art, Tampere (SF)
Fiber, Fiskars Art Center, Fiskars (SF)

Fair Wind, Hanko foreshore, Hanko (SF)

River, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Rovaniemi (SF)
Art Works Work Spaces, Hyvinkää Art Museum, Hyvinkää (SF)

Secret Garden, Hämeenlinna Art Museum, Hämeenlinna (SF)
Points of  View, Retretti Art Center, Punkaharju (SF)

Nature of Paper, The Center of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko (PL)

Finnish Contemporary Art, Mänttä Art Festival, Mänttä (SF)
Paper on Paper, Lappeenranta Art Museum, Lappeenranta (SF)

USA-Finland, Contrasts and Connections, itinerant exhibition (USA)

12 Spaces, Kerava Art Museum, Kerava (SF)

Set for the Sea, Gallery Titanic, Turku (SF)

A Stolen Kiss, Kotka Fire Station, Kotka (SF)



Chimera d’Oro, Icastica, Arezzo

Honourable Prize, Cairo 11th Biennial, Cairo


The Public Prize, Den Haag Sculptuur 2004, The Hague (NL)


The Prize of Enviromental Art (SF)
Finland Art Reward


II prize in the art competition, Espoo, (SF)


II prize in the art competition, Hyvinkää, (SF)


State Art Reward (SF)


Prize in Nurnberg Drawing Triennale, Nurnberg (D)


I prize in the art competition for Finnish Club, Helsinki


Iisalmi City Art Reward, Iisalmi (SF)

State 5-year stipendium 1994-98, 2000-04, 2006-10

Candidate of Ars Fennica Prize 2001

Finnish Cultural Foundation Grant 1999, 2005

2012 Spread Your Wings! School of Käpylä, Helsinki
             A Dream, Domodossola (IT)

2011 A New Tomorrow, Hyvinkää City Hall, Hyvinkää, (SF)

2009 Proceed, Hanasaari Culture Center, Espoo (SF)
             Towards Deeper Waters, Mikkeli University, Mikkeli (SF)

2006 Children of Light, Savon Voima OY, Kuopio (SF)

2005 And the Wind Blows Over You, Ylöjärvi City Hall, Ylöjärvi (SF)
             On the Wing, Heinola School, Heinola (SF)

2004 A Path, Umedalen Sculpture Park, Umeå (S)
             Towards Sun, Towards Moon, Viikki School, Helsinki
             Song of Songs, Lapinlahti School, Lapinlahti (SF)

2000 Hope, Espoo Congregation House, Espoo (SF)

1993 Wall, Kivipankki Museum, Jämsä (SF)

1989 -93 Ohne Fahrkarte, Central Library in Rikhardinkatu, Helsinki

1989 The Word as the Sward, University of Joensuu, Joensuu (SF)

1988 Travelled Journey, Hartola Museum, Hartola (SF)


Albright – Knox Art Gallery 
State of Finland
MAXXI - Museo Nazionale Belle Arti, Rome
Maramotti Collection, Reggio Emilia 
Foundation of Jenny and Antti Wihuri  
Malmö Art Museum
Helsinki Art Museum  
Borås Art Museum
Wyoming University Art Museum
Kuopio Art Museum                             
City of Iisalmi
Lapinlhati Art Museum
Oulu Art Museum
EMMA Museum for Modern Art  
Kiasma Museum for Contemporary Art
Collection Swanljung
Joensuu Art Museum
Mikkeli Art Museum
Aine Art Museum
City of Pieksämäki
Sara Hildén Art Museum
Collection Kaisa Blomstedt