Mariella Bettineschi (Brescia, 1948) lives and works in Bergamo.


Mariella Bettineschi, a feminist artist, stands out on the international scene for her continuous search for female languages capable of narrating, through painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, photography, and digital painting, the centrality of women, their infinite capacities to bring the world into the world.

Among her recent solo shows: L'era successiva e altri racconti, z2o Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome, Italy (2023); The next era, curated by Paola Ugolini, Maria Grazia Chiuri, DIOR, Jardin Des Tuileries, Paris (2022); Piumari/Feathers boxes, curted by Paola Ugolini, Richard Saltoun Gallery, London (2021); Percezioni 1, curated by Franco Nucci.  Fondazione Volume, Rome (2019); B come Bettineschi, ALT Arte Lavoro Territorio Collection, Alzano Lombardo, Italu (2016); L’era successiva (Omaggio a Palma) /The next era (homage to Palma), Fondazione Credito Bergamasco, Bergamo, Italy (2015); L’era successiva/The next era, Galleria Nuova Morone, Milan, Italy (2015); Opere dal 1980 al 1986/Works from 1980 to 1986, The Piper Gallery, London, United Kingdom (2014);  Un arcipelago mobile/A mobile archipelago, Nelli Mya Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland  (2014);  Un arcipelago mobile/A mobile archipelago, BAF, Bergamo, Italy (2014); Un arcipelago mobile/A mobile archipelago, Temporary Gallery, Bergamo, Italy (2014); Voyager, Italian Institute of Culture, San Francisco, USA (2010);  ¿qué estás esperando? /What are you hoping for?, Windsor Art Gallery, Windsor, New York, USA (2010); Miraggi/Mirages, Spazio Viamoronisedici, Bergamo, Italy (2010); Amori nascosti/Hidden loves, Studio Vanna Casati, Bergamo, Italy (2009); Voyager, New York University, New York, USA (2006).  Among her recent group shows: Hommage à Léonard et à la Renaissance, curated by P. Laigneau, Chateau du Rivau, Lémeré, France (2019); NOTTURNO PIU’, curated by G. di Pietrantonio, 58th Venice Biennal, Palazzo Cesari Marchesi, Venice, Italy (2019); Raffaello e l’eco del mito, curated by G. di Pietrantonio, GAMeC, Bergamo, Italy (2018); The Next Era, z2o Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome, Italy (2017);  Bologna Art Fair, Galleria Nuova Morone, Milan, Italy (2015); Pulse Miami Art Fair, Galleria Nuova Morone, Milan, Italy (2014); The Blank Benefit, The Blank Residency, Bergamo, Italy (2013); With a little help from my friends, Artists for MAGA, MAGA, Gallarate, Italy (2013).