Beatrice Pediconi | Red: curated by Marco Tonelli


Curated by Marco Tonelli

November 30, 2011 > January 28, 2012

z2o Sara Zanin Gallery is glad to present the personal exhibition of Beatrice Pediconi entitled Red, curated by Marco Tonelli and in collaboration with Valentina Bonomo Roma.

Electing water - source of life and primordial energy - as the main element of her research, the artist has produced several series recreating possible microcosms (Subtle Body, 2005-2008) and macrocosm (Untitled, 2008-2009), through the experimentation of different substances in the water and their different reactions depending on the temperature.

The new series Red consists of a series of photographic prints and a video exclusively presented for the exhibition. The materials used to create the series are made ​​from various organic substances mixed together such as food which - in addition to having multiple references in the History of Art - has a well-defined symbology.

The transformation of their conventional appearance represents the desire to create - in a purely pictorial way - a liquid and perpetual motion world, where the uncertainty and the apparent visual randomness are actually the result of an extensive research.

An artist book about Red's series, published by De Luca Editori D'Arte, will be presented during the opening.