Ekaterina Panikanova | Un, due, tre, fuoco:

Un, due, tre, fuoco

November 23, 2012 > January 10, 2013

z2o Sara Zanin Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in Rome by the Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova. In this exhibition, entitled Un, due, tre, fuoco (One, two, three, fire), the artist presents an unpublished series of work in which, she uses an intense black mark, intervened on old books, notebooks and prints of different eras that could be seen both as supports and conceptual structures.
The drawings recall childhood memories in a constant attempt to find the most deep and close roots of our being. In particular, for the Errata Corrige series, the proposition of the artist is based on the metaphor of the oyster and the pearl: the entrance of the sand represents a stress element for the shell and starts the expulsion and the production of the pearl. This metaphor expresses a storage of images, traumas and experiences that everyone carries throughout their lives since childhood.The individuals can consider themselves both as stress elements or the possibility of transformation into pearls, occasions and possibilities.
The metaphor of the oyster and the pearl is also connected with the image of the fire. So, the exhibition Un, due, tre, fuoco is tied to this natural element which is capable of both enlighting and obscurating.