Michele Guido | Garden project

z2o Sara Zanin Gallery is pleased to present the new solo show by Michele Guido, 02.02.13_garden project.

Three years after the first solo show Z2O Garden Project _2009, the artist proposes a new series of site-specific works in open dialogue with the gallery spaces. Michele Guido’s artistic research focuses on the relation between nature and architectonical space. The garden, an element that links the two parts, is the subject of a thorough analysis that breaks the spatial perception to find new connections.
The starting point and main focus of the exhibition is Lotus Garden project #05 _Raphael Urbinas 1504_2011, recent work that connects the veinings of a lotus leaf with the temple on the background of Raphael’s Wedding of the Virgin and, consequently with Bramante’s Tempietto of San Pietro in Montorio. This is a work in which the pictorial and two-dimensional Renaissance perspective takes a threedimensional shape thanks to a digital processing of Raphael’s temple, serigraphed on Plexiglas.
The other two installations, realized on purpose for the gallery spaces, continue to study the relationship between the circular plan of the tempietto – emblem of the culture of the early-XVI Century
– with the lotus fruit and other sections of plants of euphorbia’s family. These are macro-details of plants kept in various botanical gardens that are the subjects of Guido’s photographies.
In particular, the walls and the ceiling of the main room become the support for the production of a photo that is broken up in different orthogonal planes to reverse the viewer’s perception and to transform the real space in an immaterial place, a kind of hortus conclusus of contemplation.