Kaarina Kaikkonen | Having hope

Having Hope

February 21 > March 21, 2012

z2o Sara Zanin Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the new space in via della Vetrina 21 with Kaarina Kaikkonen’s solo exhibition.

The Finnish artist – at her second solo show at the gallery – will realize a project specifically designed for the new venue, using old clothes, bearers of stories and anonymous memory, that represent the elements that primarily distinguish her research.
Kaikkonen’s intervention consists of two parts: The first, an installation entitled The Queen of the Night made entirely with women’s shoes cut in different shapes and applied to the walls in order to form almost natural elements; the second, a series of sculptural works created with second-hand men’s clothes whose material consistency recalls a strong human presence.
In both cases, the boundaries between sculpture and installation give space to forms and images that redefine the environment and the objects according to new visual models.