Rain Come Down! – Domesticated environments – the Hungarian attitudes: Zsófi Barabás, László Hatházi, Tibor Iski Kocsis, Hajnalka Tarr, Kata Tranker, Zsofia Szemzo

Curated by Zsolt Petrányi

z2o Sara Zanin Gallery is pleased to present Rain Come  Down! – Domesticated environments – the Hungarian attitudes, a group show curated by Zsolt Petrányi, featuring works by Zsófi Barabás, Hajnalka Tarr, Kata Tranker, Zsofia Szemzo and Tibor Iski Kocsis .
The exhibition deals with how humans relate themselves to their environment. This environment can be natural, political, historical, or the urban landscape. The approach is a global phenomenon, a shifting paradigm that involves artists elaborating their relationship with their references, the artistic context or the life what is given to them by the circumstances they are born into. The „background” is not chosen, but defined by where we come from, what perspectives and developments are rooted in the places we come from. The title, Rain Come Down! is expressing an active will to control happenings, to overcome natural and civilised processes by artistic practices – in original, I found this line in an American rap-song.
Hungarian art describes different kinds of creative behaviour approaches such as the re-using of media materials, memories, historical traumas, maps, photographs or everyday motives. 


Excerpt from Zsolt Petrányi's text