Roma: Electri City: Abel Herrero

z2o Sara Zanin Gallery is pleased to present Roma: Electri City by Abel Herrero.

On the occasion of his first solo exhibition in Rome the Cuban artist (living in Italy since 1994) – who throughout his career has composed an interaction more and more fruitful with Science and Philosophy – presents a series of unreleased works, devising a dialogue between two-dimensional and three-dimensional realities.

In his recent solo show in Reggio Emilia, curated by Bruno Corà, he chose to show big paintings connected to natural elements as metaphors of the contemporary human condition, creating a site specific installation for the historical complex of St. Peter Cloisters. Now, Herrero is pursuing his work in Rome by introducing the physical and atmospheric phenomena which occurs in a deeply urbanized environment, like the typical Roman suburb where the gallery is located. This time, the artist’s proposal not only provides metaphors of the daily routine, but also intends to honor the recently deceased Walter De Maria.

Despite the use of different media, Abel Herrero’s artistic production has many matching points with Walter De Maria’s procession practices. Above all, they both share the same approach to the physical world, searching for empathy with Nature. The common objective is the revealing of the features that make the individual an architect- viewer, or rather a medium between two aims.

Herrero presents two big works on canvas in which the visual effect is an abstract-figurative painting, dedicated to the formal search as well as the creative process dimension. Moreover, the “save up” system in the use of matter and in the painting process is a symbolic act of humility towards the physica; the world and the exuberant nature. In addition to the paintings there will be on display the Vasi Comunicanti through which the artist creates an interaction between physical and metaphysical reality, taking advantage of a geological matter such as marble as a container and a propagator of immaterial frequencies.