curated by Valentina Ciarallo

Drawing - Points of View


Curated by Valentina Ciarallo


Z2O Galleria | Sara Zanin is pleased to present the group show Drawing – Points of View, curated by Valentina Ciarallo. The exhibition aims to analyze drawing as a cross-disciplinary art and an independent artistic form, through the different points of view of three young artists: Chiara Dellerba, Charley Peters and Alessandro Roma in dialogue with Marzia Migliora. The sign is intended as a metaphor for consciousness, as the language of the unconscious, such an expressive and evocative freedom in which the incisiveness is tied to actions.

In the large wall drawing by Chiara Dellerba the fragile but incisive, characteristic stroke emerges with vim.
The repetitiveness and the lightness of a natural element becomes the permanent feature that encompasses the space, superimposing it on the sign in a continuous tension between the cover and disappearance. Dellerba is a sensitive artist who reworks elements of the Mediterranean culture rich of tradition and personal memories, through a graphic mark which is sometimes soft and impalpable, sometimes strong and determined. In her works, the liquidity of the corporeal represents more a physical aspect than that of an evanescent entity. The liquidity passes through the symbolic representation of the hands that becomes a presence of the identity, a functional means for creative activity. Various techniques, from pencil to charcoal, are developed on Polish-Japanese papers. The exhibited series includes small works that explore Nature. The artist’s favorite theme of her recent research, which includes a layering of multiple elements, where birds of prey’s beaks and owl eyes emerge, through gashes on the white surface.

Charley Peters is a British artist at her first solo show in Italy. She presents a series of works in which the drawing is conceived as a medium, in all its various facets. She uses the drawing as an investigative mean of material, process and space. The scope of her practice is defined as "an expanded field of design". She experiments a generation system based on the repetition of the sign and on the method of folding paper surfaces. Her works are realized with maniacal care and precision, like analogic drawings with computerized style– typical of mechanical reproduction – where lines converge, repeat and interrupt. She also uses colored adhesive tapes in which the design becomes a sequential composition of vibrant colors. In the graphite sketch on paper, the densely elaborated surface is manipulated through intervention of folding, in order to assemble light, space and form. The works of Peters are the testament of the generative potential of destructive processes, which the visual order is deconstructed by systematic interventions, physical or mechanical.

In the works of Alessandro Roma the design leaves a trail through the collage as the construction of new forms that assemble preexisting materials. The artist sets dreamlike atmosphere through overlapping and grafts of photographic evidence or illustrations that echo from the old masters to contemporary age. A light, delicate and layered language that allows the color stains to delineate the contours. Through his first artist's book, the recent works of Alessandro Roma rediscover the paper both as a medium and a material. I would never choose the vase if you did not see the flowers before could be defined as a pocket show to be appreciated in its entirety or by splitting up the pages, savoring them one by one. A labyrinth of memories and suggestions, where sketches and images become the reason for prints on fabric. The exhibited awnings, composed by multiple plies, are realized with an original drawing done with a pen and transformed into a pattern repeated endlessly.

The work of Marzia Migliora is articulated through a range of languages ​​which include photography, video, sound, performance, installation and drawing. The artist explores themes such as identity, desire and responsibility, touching the present and past history, connecting places, spaces and memories. Her artworks are presented as interrogatives intended to involvement of the user, which becomes the protagonist and without which the work itself cannot be resolved. Drawing for Marzia Migliora is an act of discovery, a look at the surroundings, a private act in close relationship with her reserve of observations; the white sheet is the area in which gives birth to a situation and makes it aware. For Drawing - Points of view the artist presents two recent series of drawings. In the series entitled M (2013), composed by nine drawings that develop in sequence, the artist aims to evoke imaginary worlds which resend to the complex relationship between mother and daughter. Migliora superimposed on different papers collage, ink drawing and watercolor, creating images which are connected to each other, in a continuous flow: some elements on the outer edges of the designs continue, becoming another, in the following table. Hearts anatomically rooted between earth and sky are merging their roots - veins on the ground line of the next drawing, in which a donkey drags a row of eggs tied together with a rope which becomes the fourth in a wire drawing part of a weaving surrounded by letters of the alphabet. ‘M’ suggests a reflection on the maternal relationship and the impossibility of representing it in a story that includes a finale. Lo spazio vuoto e l’altro (2012) is composed by ten drawings made on the occasion of the exhibition La ginnastica dei ciechi - La corsa al cerchio in the Garden of Saint Alessio on the Aventine Hill, Rome. Currently, the garden is also used as a shelter for homeless and  immigrants. At the end of the 19th century the garden was incorporated by an institution for blind people; for the patients represented an escape from the strict rules imposed within the structure. For the artist, the historical and political events which have affected the Aventine Hill over the centuries as a "theater of attempts to seize freedom and escape from the impositions" are a further element of fascination. The artist draws this place as a suspended island in which small human figures seem to seek refuge among the trees, being about to climb on logs or ropes, in an attempt to find a way to escape.



Marzia Migliora (Alessandria, IT,1972), lives and works in Turin, Italy. Among recent solo exhibitions:H317 – Può provocare una reazione (Auditorium Arte, Rome, 2013); Aqua Micans (Hotel delle Palme, G.O.C.A. Foundation, Palermo, IT, 2013); Ginnastica dei ciechi - La corsa al cerchio (Garden of Sant’Alessio, Rome, 2012); Rada (Centre Of Contemporary Art Ex3, Florence, 2011); Quelli che trascurano di rileggere si condannano a leggere sempre la stessa storia (Museum of Novecento, Milan, 2009-2011); Tanatosi (Merz Foundation, Turin, 2006); The Agony & The Ecstasy (The Foundation for Art & Creative Technology, Liverpool, 2005); Pari o Dispari (Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Turin, 2004). Among collective exhibitions: LungoMare Gasthaus (LungoMare Bolzano/Bozen, IT, 2013); Marzia Migliora, Luigi Coppola, Theatre Cycle (Nomas Foundation in collaboration with Teatro Valle Occupato, Nuovo Cinema Palazzo, Rome, 2013); Viaggio intorno alla mia camera (Castello di Rivoli, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rivoli, IT, 2012); Acting out, Artisti italiani in azione (Maxxi Foundation, Rome, 2012); Autoritratti. Iscrizioni del femminile nell’arte italiana contemporanea (Mambo, Bologna, IT, 2013); Premio Artistico Fondazione Vaf (Stadtgalerie, Kiel, DE, 2012); C’est à ce prix que nous mangeons du sucre (Musée d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux, 2011); Sindrome italiana (Le Magasin, Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Grenoble, 2010).


Chiara Dellerba (Bari, IT, 1984), lives and works between Nottingham and Rome. She is currently in residence at Surface Gallery in Nottingham. She has participated in several exhibitions both in Italy and abroad, including: Erutanatureturaen (Surface Gallery, Nottingham, 2014); The great illusion (Temple University, Rome,2014); Bazar (Gallery onetwentyeight, New York, 2013); Delicata Mutevolezza (Macro Testaccio, Rome, IT, 2013); Kiyomiyamagishi Gallery (Nagano, Japan, 2011); BJCEM- XIII Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs d'Europe et de la Méditerranée(Bari, IT, 2008); H20 (solo exhibition, Bonomo Gallery, Bari and Rome, IT, 2007).


Charley Peters lives and works in London. In 2013 she won a residency at Centre for Drawing, University of the Arts London and in 2012 she has been selected bySalon Art Prize and the Beers Lambert Award for Emerging Artists. She has had many solo shows:Reduction (Public House Projects, London, 2013); In Occupation (Centre for Drawing, University of the Arts London, 2013); Axiom (ASC Window Gallery, London, 2013). She participated in several group shows: This Year's Model (Studio 1.1, London, 2014); First Come First Served: Works on Paper (Lion & Lamb Gallery, London, 2013); ArtLacuna Prize ArtLacuna | Space, London, 2013); Secret Histories (Sluice Art Fair, London, 2013); Shelf Life (Leytonstone Arts Trail, London, 2013); ZAP Summer Show (ASC Studios, London, 2013); Photo & Print Salon 2013 (Charlie Dutton Gallery, London, 2013); Discernible (Bond House Project Space, London, 2013); Animamus Art Salon (Culture Fix, Lower East Side, New York, 2013); This Year’s Model (Studio 1.1, London, 2013); Salon Art Prize 2012 (Griffin Gallery, London, 2012); She Blocks the Highway (Fotanian Studio, Hong Kong, 2012); Along the Line(Brooklyn Library, New York, 2012); Slice (Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery, Lahore, 2011); Adhere to Me (Brooklyn Library, New York, 2011); Delineation Contemporary Dialogues with Drawing (The Crypt Gallery, London, 2010); Die Zeit of Drawing (Climate Gallery, New York, 2010).


Alessandro Roma (Milan, IT, 1977) lives and works in London. His work has been presented in numerous solo exhibitions including: Enclosure (Paradise Row Gallery, London, UK, 2013); Il sole mi costrinse ad abbandonare il giardino (Brand New Gallery, Milan, 2012); Humus (Mart Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rovereto, IT, 2011); Sites of action (Scaramouche Gallery, New York, 2011); Alessandro Roma (Marabini Gallery, Bologna, IT, 2005). Among collective exhibitions: Everything is About to Happen. An ongoing archive of artists' books selected by Gregorio Magnani (Corvi Mora, London, 2014); Drawing Biennial 2013 (Drawing Room, London, 2013); Lucie Fontaine: Estate (Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, 2012); Never before a girl done so much with so little (The Suburbans Gallery, Chicago, 2012); Lacune (Museo Archeologico Eno Bellis, Oderzo, Treviso, IT, 2012);Partita a quattro una riflessione sulla scultura (Galleria Lorcan O'Neil, Rome, 2011); Meriggio a Carignan  (Villa al Console, Carignano, Lucca, IT, 2011);Impresa pittura (CIAC International Centre of Contemporary Art, Genazzano, Rome, 2010);Route tournante en sous –bois (UpLoad Art Project, Trento, IT, 2010);Rome, Expanded Painting (4th Prague Biennal, Czech Republic, 2009); Unreachable is just close enough (Galerie Alexandra Saheb, Berlin, 2009); Snooze (Scaramouche c/o Fruit and Flower Deli, New York, 2009). In 2007 he won the 4th edition of International Painting Prize Diputación de Castellón managed by Fine Art Accademy of Castellón, Spain. In 2009 he won a residency at Künstlerhäuser in Worpswede, Germany.