Beatrice Pediconi | 9' /Unlimited : Collezione Maramotti



Collezione Maramotti


October 6, 2013 > July 31, 2015

The work of Beatrice Pediconi is charged with mystery and amazement, and the gesture she performs isn’t less capable of generation than attuned to capturing and accepting the unexpected: advance and retreat, action and perception.
Her work bears witness to the possibility of another form of painting: painting that “mutates” not on the canvas, but in water, and with results that the artist can only partly control. [...] The new work now realized for the Maramotti Collection is entitled 9’/ Unlimited and presents further developments. In addition to accepting the challenge of polaroid photography and large-scale images taken with a Large Format View Camera in the course of a true and proper performative process that devolves on a spirit of alchemy and its potential photographic registration, the artist has also created an environment, a space that becomes a vessel which the visitor is invited to enter.