FABRIZIO PREVEDELLO | Costruzione: Ance Roma ACER in collaboration with z2o Sara Zanin

z2o Sara Zanin is happy to announce Fabrizio Prevedello's exhibition titled Costruzione on Thursday February 23rd at the Ance Roma ACER in Rome.
Through the wise use of industrial and natural materials, the research of Fabrizio Prevedello opens the sculpture to the investigation of the suggestions of an updated past. through an intuition consciously directed to the reconfiguration of space and, with. it, the perception of the places that are crossed. Reinforced concrete, wood, plaster and stucco, used together with recovered marble and semi-precious stones. give life to a set of sculptures and installations in which the search for the relationship between landscape and. architecture becomes fundamental. To foresee these two aspects of making art - the one turned. to the constructive vocation of architecture, the other to the naturalistic vocation of the landscape -. intertwine a singular relationship in which the symbolic connotations of a nature from. to be understood as Genius Loci. Many sculptures are born from fragments collected in the places that. the artist walks through; the fragments are combined, assembled or isolated, in. structures made with building materials, such as reinforced concrete and iron, giving rise to. unexpected combinations of elements that inhabit the space. The dialogue between industrial materials and. natural elements is thus achieved through a balance, constantly reshaped by relationships. of strength, which gives life to a search for space and the spectator.
Fabrizio Prevedello. Costruzione
Opening: Thursday February 23rd | 6 pm
23 February > 23 March 2023
Ance Roma ACER
via di Villa Patrizi 11, 00161 Rome