Marta Roberti - Nasi per l'Arte

Palazzo Merulana
We are delighted to share the participation of Marta Roberti in the group show "Noses for Art", curated by Joanna De Vos and Melania Rossi at Palazzo Merulana in Rome.
The exhibition finds its roots in the meeting between two independent curators, Joanna De Vos and Melania Rossi, respectively of Belgian origin, the second of Italian origins. The title of the exhibition corresponds to a life dedicated to art, comparing the history of art in Belgium and Italy on an aesthetic and conceptual level, finding unexpected similarities and specific differences.
The project is in perfect harmony with the Elena and Claudio Cerasi collection, put together over years of passion and love for art, without strict rules but also discovering lesser-known artists of the past, sometimes instead finding rare works by famous artists alongside contemporary authors.



Nasi per l'arte

group show curated by De Vos and Melania Rossi

Opening March 24, 2023

March 25 > May 21, 2023

Palazzo Merulana, Rome


16 March 2023
of 150