Alfredo Pirri | Prospettive con orizzonti

I lunedì dell'architettura IN/ARCH Lazio, ANCE Roma ACER
z2o Sara Zanin, IN/ARCH Lazio and Gruppo Giovani Costruttori ANCE Roma - ACER are pleased to announce Alfredo Pirri's participation in the IN/ARCH Lazio "Lunedì dell'architettura" on Monday, May 22, 7 p.m. at the ANCE Roma - ACER headquarters, via di Villa Patrizi 11.
This IN/ARCH Lazio "Lunedì dell'architettura" is dedicated to "Prospettive con orizzonti," a work by artist Alfredo Pirri, installed on the roof of Sala Zubin Mehta, the new Auditorium of the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, commissioned by the City of Florence, by the companies SAC spa and I.g.i.t. spa and designed by ABDR Architetti Associati. The site-specific installation was donated by the Cerasi family, and covers an area of about 2,270 square meters.
"Thanks to Alfredo Pirri, one of the greatest contemporary artists, and the gift of engineer Cerasi, the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino has a permanent work of art that is unique in the panorama of Italian art, also in terms of its size, and that enriches the entire infrastructure of the theater."
(Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence).
Antonio Ciucci president ANCE Rome - ACER
Marco Vivio vice president INARCH Lazio
Introduces the work
Alfredo Pirri artist and author of "Perspectives with horizons"
Emiliano Cerasi, entrepreneur, Elena and Claudio Cerasi Foundation;
Paolo Desideri, ABDR Architetti Associati;
Elisabetta Maggini, President Gruppo Giovani Costruttori ANCE Roma - ACER;
Ludovico Pratesi, curator and art critic;
Sara Zanin, gallery owner, z2o Sara Zanin Gallery
Laura Pranzetti Lombardini, writer and collector
Scheduled speeches
Enzo Pinci board of directors IN/ARCH Lazio;
Rosario Pavia member of the IN/ARCH National Scientific Committee.
17 May 2023
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