Raffaello e l’eco del mito/Raphael and the echo of the myth

Mariella Bettineschi
Publisher: Electa - Marsilio.

Dimensions: 21 x 27cm

Pages: 304

Raphael's San Sebastiano at the Carrara Academy is at the origin of the exhibition Raphael and the echo of the myth. The exhibition takes place around this masterpiece, the most famous work of the entire picture gallery, and investigates the artist's training, declared a magister at the age of 17, and his early capacity for innovation. The catalog of the homonymous exhibition, introduced by the contribution of Maria Cristina Rodeschini, collects essays by Paolo Plebani, Giovanni Valagussa, Cristina Quattrini, Vincenzo Farinella, Maria Rita Silvestrelli, Fernando Mazzocca, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio. The second part of the volume includes the scientific factsheets of the works on display - divided into thematic sections that reflect the exhibition itinerary - written by Vincenzo Farinella, Paola Frau, Sara Fumagalli, Valentina Gervasoni, Elena Lissoni, Stefano Raimondi, Maria Rita Silvestrelli, Cristina Money. Each section is introduced by a text edited by Emanuela Daffra. An extensive bibliography closes the catalog.

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