Mariella Bettineschi

Mariella Bettineschi, 2013
Publisher: Corraini Edizioni.

Dimensions: 20 x 25

Pages: 240

"Can you gather the life of an artist in a book? No. However, you can choose a route, plan a journey between the works, letting similarities and differences emerge. Mariella Bettineschi has created an archipelago accessible by different roads and formed by different territories. " (Francesca Pasini, curator of this monographic volume dedicated to the life and works of Mariella Bettineschi).

The book is a journey through the countless works of the artist, which traces a link between the various seasons of her creation, but also a narrative suspense that makes us go from one place to another in this archipelago, giving us a biographical and an emotional dimension.

Drawing, embroidery, carving, painting, photography, installations and image manipulations: from one page to another each work indicates a time, a place, a search that then turns into something else and so on. 

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