La terza Venezia

Silvia Camporesi
Silvia Camporesi, 2011
Publisher: Trolley Books, London Hardcover.

Dimensions: cm 22.8x24.7

Pages: 80

The series of photographs that dial with Silvia Camporesi's book explore the city of Venice through the lens of imagination, dreams and legends handed down. Everything is wrapped in mystery and beauty through images of particular attraction and intensity. Thus was born a fantastic Venice, the Third Venice, half true and half made of fictions .


Silvia Camporesi
La Terza Venezia
Special edition of 100 copies with an artists's limited edition print 
with essays by Silvia Camporesi and Bruno Corà.
In collaboration with Giulia Zorzi /MiCamera
Project curated by PhotoGraphica Fine Art, Gallery, Lugano


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