Tomoe Hikita (1985, Japan). Lives and works in Nuremberg.

In the work of Tomoe Hikita it is the lightness of the colours to recreate, by contrast, an impression of robustness of the image that dominates unchallenged. Wood and wrapping paper become the imprinting base that allows the colour to acquire an expressiveness that blends with the lines of the painting. Depth and lightness thus assume the role of two fundamental constants to the organic development of the painting, born from the combination of soft and hard materials, and activated by the spatial impressions that surround it.

Among her recent exhibitions: Outside the line, with Nazzarena Poli Maramotti, Alexi Marshall, Anna Maria Schönrock, z2o Sara Zanin, Rome;Vom Sonnenuntergang, Galvani Galerie, Nürnberg; never ending stories, Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig; AirPods,Lupe,Dr.Bibber, groupshow in Nürnberg; Klasseausstellung von Klasse Kühn, Strafjustizzentrum, Nürnberg.