Giovanni de Cataldo (Rome, 1990) lives and works in Rome.


After his studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Rome, he continued his specialization in sculpture at Scuola d’Arte e dei Mestieri Nicola Zabaglia. From November 2014 he has his studio at Pastificio Cerere in Rome. De Cataldo’s artistic practice begins from a research on the materials taken from construction and industrial context. By an in-depth investigation on their composition and characteristics, he researches their limits and possibilities and experiments new sculptural techniques. Among his recent solo/double shows: Spina, curated by D. Bigi and G. di Piazza, Palazzo Ziino, Palermo (2019); Low Rider, curated by Garbo’s, nmcontemporary, Principality of Monaco (2018); San Lorenzo, z2o Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome (with a critic text by C. Canziani) (2018); Got mit uns, Una Vetrina, Rome (2017). Among his recent group shows: There is no place like home, directed by Giuliana Benassi, 4th edition, Rome (2021);  Voyage Voyage, Spazio In Situ, Rome (2021); Taxonomy, curated by L. Petrucci and B.Reggio, Rome (2018); Festa Franca, curated by M. Silvi and “Franca”, Cannara (2018); Colore sempre vivo, Treviglio (2018); A new space is born, nmcontemporary, Principality of Monaco (2017); Premio HDRA' 2017, curated by V. Ciarallo, Palazzo Fiano, Rome (2017); Straperetana, curated by S. Verini, Pereto (AQ) (2017); The Next Era, z2o Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome (2017).